Munoz Clan from Jesse Munoz on Vimeo.

The Munoz clan runs this town.


Stocktober is back. Unlike everyone else I don’t get excited for halloween stuff.I participate because its fun. So here we go again.

Today is Voldermort. Ohhhh so scary. Spooky!


My iPhone Blueprint Wallpaper updated to the iOS8 iPhone 6 version.

iPhone 6 iOS8 Blueprint Wallpaper by jessemunoz

Khans of Tarkir prerelease is this weekend and I can’t wait! Morph is coming back and Wizards created a pretty cool token to use with it.

My buddy Geoff thought it would be cool if I created our own Morph tokens so I did. They turned out alright so I thought I would share them. You can download a ready to print PDF. Print it out and cut them out.

I’ll be playing with the Abzan clan! Hope you have fun!


SHE-HULK by Rian Miller

Art…Or Else!


The Human Torch wishes he could enjoy a nice cool ice cream cone. 


Nightcrawler enjoying caramel apple.


Captain America doesn’t like to share his Rice Krispy Treats. 


Hulk enjoys his circus peanuts. 


Magneto enjoying his gummy bears.