• 6” x 9” size (bigger)
  • hardcover
  • full color (colors by Nathan Fairbairn)
  • overseen and with newly ‘remastered’ art by myself
  • brand-new covers
  • brand-new ‘extras’ sections with sketchbook & development work, much of it previously unseen
  • first 3 volumes relettered with the font from the last 3 volumes
  • the ‘classic’ b&w editions will remain in print
  • color editions will come out 2 per year (1: august 2012, 2: october 2012, 3-4: 2013, 5-6: 2014)

what does ‘remastered art’ mean? in vol 1, not a lot… i adjusted things here and there to make the character designs a little more consistent. i did completely redraw a few panels (will you notice?). in vol 2, there’s a bit more redrawing but it’s almost all bg stuff… it’ll feel like you had bad vision, and suddenly you got new glasses.

will you like the color? i don’t know… tbh, you will always treasure the version you first encountered. for ‘old school fans’, that will be the b&w original book (NOT the movie, NOT the game, NOT the colorized books). the b&w books aren’t obsolete… they’re classic!!!!!!! they’re authentic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that said, the color is going to look really good, and feel free to be all judgy based on the sample pages, but as a whole unified project it’s going to look perfect i think. and the coloring will really evolve as the series goes on… the first volume is very similar to the movie, so i decided we should stick pretty close to the ‘look’ of the movie… as the story diverges, the colors will go their own way.

FINALLY, I HAVE TO SAY: This is the Oni Press edition (serving North America). Foreign editions (INCLUDING U.K.) may take longer or may not happen, it all depends on each individual region’s publisher. I apologize in advance if this process takes longer than we’d all like.

ADDITIONAL NOTE TO COSPLAYERS: i’m sorry for rocking your world

I am so buying this.

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